Sophia Haber, a senior at Ridgefield High School, was once so introverted that people believed she was selectively-mute. Today, she is proud to be anything but.

At school, Sophia is a captain of the RHS Debate Team. Additionally, she is Literary Editor of Lodestar, the school’s award-winning art and literary magazine. Sophia is also the cofounder of We the People, a bipartisan student group that aims to unite U.S. politics through stimulating discourse, collaborative podcasts, simple guides, and unifying events.

This summer, Sophia was one of two girls from RHS to be chosen to participate in Girls State, a politics and leadership conference run by the American Legion Auxiliary. At Girls State, she served as the Editor of the Girls State Press. When the program concluded, Sophia was one of two girls from Connecticut and one of 100 in the country to be chosen to attend Girls Nation, a government-in-action leadership forum, in Washington, D.C. At Girls Nation, she served as a mock senator, voting on bills created by her fellow senators and meeting with elected U.S. officials.

Sophia knows that empowerment is central to equality and peace. By mentoring students through a few organizations in addition to Ms President US, she strives to contribute to this truth. As a Teen Trainer with the Anti-Defamation League, Sophia provides young people across Connecticut with the tools to confront bigotry and hatred. She also mentors students on the Scotts Ridge Middle School Debate Team, equipping them with the skills and confidence to exceed in debate—and in all other areas of their lives.

Language learning is another passion of Sophia’s. A student of German and French, Sophia values intercultural education and hopes to learn several more languages in the future. After earning a Gold Medal on the National German Exam two years in a row, Sophia was awarded the AATG/PAD Trip Award by the American Association of Teachers of German, which endowed her with a scholarship to study in Germany during the summer of 2017.

Finally, Sophia is a student in RHS’s Science Research Program, which enables students to pursue independent and original research on a topic of choice. Her project focuses on the neurobiological realities of anorexia nervosa, a disorder poorly understood by the scientific community and general public alike. Fascinated by her findings, Sophia created a video series called The Anorexic Brain to communicate the most poignant discoveries of modern anorexia research. She hopes that these activities improve the state of anorexia treatment and combat stigma surrounding the condition.

All in all, Sophia is ecstatic to serve as a mentor with Ms President US. The organization’s mission of empowerment is ever-relevant, and by being a mentor, Sophia aspires to contribute to confidence-building and connection-making among young women.

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