We are thrilled you are joining our extended team!  

We will give you everything you need to host a successful program that is fun and rewarding not just for the girls enrolled and the Mentors who facilitate, but also for YOU and your fellow leaders.

To begin the registration, please:

  1. Download a copy of the Local Replication Agreement.
  2. Sign, scan and email it to info@mspresidentus.org.  All local replication site leaders must sign the agreement before materials can be used.  Thank you!
  3. To get started, refer to the Replication Guidance which provides the recommended (but not required) steps for a successful local program.
  4. When you are ready to create your own promotions, please visit the Media Site for logos, images and photos.

Check here all the materials available to use in your site (Local replication site leaders must sign the agreement before)

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