Katie Umphred is a junior at Wilton High School. She has built a strong sense of leadership from her family and developed these values in her school and personal life. Family is very important to her as she is very close to her siblings and cousins that live in Wilton. She plays field hockey at Wilton High School and was awarded the leadership award by the coaching staff last year for her leadership on and off the field. She also will be playing tennis this year at high school. She has continued to develop her leadership as the secretary for the class of 2022 which means she is one of four elected officers in student government. She has helped to lead fundraisers and plan exciting events for her class. 

Through her passion for environmentalism, she has become a committee member on Wilton Go Green. Last year she won the student green award for her excellence in driving green initiatives. As an organization they work to introduce green initiatives into their schools and community. She helped spearhead the “skip the straw” initiative. She has developed her people and communication skills as an employee at Heibecks Stand where she holds a variety of responsibilities including working with customers and her favorite part scooping ice cream! This year she also gained leadership experience as a mentor in Link Crew. She was a link leader for incoming freshmen to high school and helped them with their transition. Her other interests include baking and writing (She has a baking blog where she can do both). She is so excited to be able to help young girls become leaders in their communities and discover themselves!

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