“During the Ms President US program, I was able to bring awareness to local businesses about the challenges of plastic pollution in our society.  This was also helped with the passage of the plastic bag ban in the state. The Ms President US shaped me by helping to improve my strategic thinking and improve my confidence in public speaking.”

Savannah Joseph joined Ms President US as one of the first girl participants from Wilton in 2018. She was the first Ms President US Wilton and has returned to the program to help the current girls with campaign preparation and expectations. 

Savannah loves to dance, plays soccer, and the violin and is also working on her Girl Scout Silver Award.  She is already the proud recipient of the Girl Scout Bronze Award.  She has been an honors student throughout middle school and is looking forward to high school.

Outside of school, she enjoys participating in community service projects such as Stay At Home Wilton, which helps seniors with technological questions. She looks forward to performing annually in her church’s annual Christmas pageant.

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