Ilka Huseinovic is a first year mentor with Ms President US and is looking forward to helping young women achieve their goals.
Seizing Every Opportunity is a program which allows Ilka to reach her full potential. Ilka travels to New York City and learns to collaborate with others from different backgrounds. Ilka has volunteered with the program and is determined to find motivated young individuals to join. This program provides free access to resources such as, SAT prep and it allows individuals to strive and grow internally. Ilka also hosts many gatherings like, talent shows and coffee lounges and encourages everyone to attend. 
Ilka Huseinovic is currently a junior in Ridgefield High School who is involved in the comfort club and chorus. Outside of school, Ilka enjoys writing poetry and she writes about the significance of women empowerment. Ilka submits her poems to several magazines and contests. Ilka would be delighted to share one of her poems.
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