Emilie Frias is a current senior at Ridgefield High School. She is part of the Ridgefield A Better Chance program, a boarding school like program in which 8 girls live in a house with their resident director, and attend the local public school which is ranked among the most competitive in the country. This is her first year as a mentor for Ms President US, and is very excited to start.

Emilie is an avid volunteer. From Keystone events, to National Honor Society Hours, to the Ridgefield Thrift Store, you can always find Emilie giving back to our town. She is taking part in school clubs including RHS gives, and Save the Children.

This summer, Emilie was chosen out of 300 candidates to participate in the Student Diplomacy Corps: The Venetian Empire. The Student Diplomacy Corps is a program in which provides opportunities in studying abroad to build college readiness, expose students to global issues and cultures, and unleash the overall potential creative teens have. With the help of the A Better Chance program and her favorite teachers in school, she was able to study abroad in Italy for three weeks with a group of 10 inspiring individuals.

Emilie is a tri-lingual, language lover! Spanish being her first language, English her second, and Italian her third. She enjoys communicating with other cultures and using her language skills. She also enjoys fashion and art. She would like to pursue fashion and culture into her career in the future.

Emilie loves empowering young people and making sure they know their place in the world. Although politics isn’t her forte, she aspires to inspire young girls to become more active in the political process and help with their leadership skills.

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