Caroline Malley is a junior at Ridgefield High School. All her life she has pursued theater with a steady fervor. She has been recognized for abilities in drama this past year at the 2018 Halo Awards, a Connecticut statewide award coalition recognizing talented individuals in high school theater, in a “Best Comic Actress” award for her performance as Charlotte in Ridgefield High School’s “Cinderella.” She currently is a part of The International Thespian Society, an honor theater society spanning two million members across America, and is the secretary of Ridgefield High School’s Troupe, Troupe 3342.

Having maintained high honor roll every quarter since Freshman year at RHS, Caroline loves learning. She presents a passion for the study of many courses, particularly History and English. She has always been an avid reader, breaking Connecticut’s Summer Reading Programs record when she was thirteen and winning the Governor’s Reading Challenge. Her academic accolades continue with winning a silver medal every year in the National French Exam since first taking it in eighth grade.

Caroline is a believer in that all people should work in whatever way they can to make the world a better place. She has done so through her art and obtaining as much knowledge as she can; but also through activism and volunteer work. She has marched at the Women’s March in New York City both in 2017 and 2018, and also helped organize the National School Walkout at RHS. At her school’s walkout she gave a speech entitled “Beyond the Bubble” on how necessary it is to focus on fighting for the rights of others, because it does not matter whether or not what they are going through will clearly affect you, being it affects the citizens of our country and of this Earth, it inherently affects you. She also was part of a publicity and community outreach team for the National School Walkout, in efforts to get local businesses involved in this revolutionary event. She also is a part of the Appalachian Service Project through Jesse Lee Church. This past summer, she among a center of eighty people served Leslie County, Kentucky and worked on their homes while getting to know the area and the amazing families it held. Also all throughout middle school she volunteered every weekend for “Tails of Courage,” a dog and cat shelter in Danbury, Connecticut, where she learned the value of hardwork as she saw it directly translate into the bringing about of happy homes for these animals.

Caroline is overjoyed at the opportunity to be a mentor through Ms President US, as it is imperative women continue to bolster those around them to succeed, for all too often society tries to pivot us into competition when really, the greatness of others and ourselves are not combatting forces.

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