Alyza Crook is currently a junior at Ridgefield high school. This is her second year as a mentor. She hopes to help girls find their voices and stand up for their beliefs.

Alyza has enjoys helping her community, and has been a girl scout for almost eleven years. She has worked hard to receive her girl scouts silver and bronze awards for community service, and is currently working towards her gold award. Also, Alyza loves working with younger kids. She has been a counselor in training for the past two summers, at her Taekwondo studio, and at Woodcock Nature Center.

Last year, Alyza was part of the club, We the People, in which political topics are talked about in an all inclusive environment. The club was founded with the hope that people with differing views can still get along. Alyza also played flute in Wind Ensemble, and sings in the Madrigals, an audition based acapella group. She also is the founder of the club RHS Sings, which is a non audition singing group that is all about fostering a joy of singing.

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