Jeff Goncalves started as a volunteer coach for our Doin’ Time Baseball Academy in 2011 and joined us in the fall of 2012, as a part time After-School Staff member.  After being hired part time, he began to immediately build a connection with our middle school members, and when the Club debuted our Middle School Lounge, Jeff became our Middle School Lounge Supervisor. The middle school population has grown significantly throughout the last few years, and shows no signs of slowing down.  In January 2015, Jeff was brought on as our Program Coordinator, and works closely with Jess to implement daily programming in each our five core areas.  

When Jeff first came to the Club he was finishing up his core classes in pursuit of a career in Law Enforcement. After having a glimpse into the life of a youth development professional he decided he wanted to dedicate his life’s work to enabling youth to reach their full potential. Jeff has transferred from Naugatuck Valley Community College and is currently taking classes in the field of Non-Profit & Recreational Management at Southern New Hampshire State University. 

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