Through our program, girls learn about public speaking, diplomacy and listening skills, local/state/federal government, and women’s history while having an opportunity to meet and greet exemplary female leaders. The program culminates with a campaign and election for Ms President US.  The winner will be invited to accompany their First Selectman, at appearances and speaking engagements throughout the year, until the next Ms President US is elected.

The program was launched in Ridgefield CT in 2017-2018.  With the support of our partners, the program will be promoted for replication in other towns in subsequent years.

While there are some wonderful programs focused on inspiring High School girls to engage in civic leadership, there are no community-based initiatives (currently known) that focus on engaging younger girls. The Ms President US program aims to reach girls at a pivotal age, before their self-esteem transitions from peak to plummet, as commonly takes place during the Middle School years.

Start Your Own Program

Our goal is to replicate the program in other towns in future years and so we welcome any parents or interested others who want to start their own program locally.

The intent of this website is to provide all the needed resources for a local launch, including templates, outlines, steps to get started, etc.  

Additional Resources

Check a extensive list of additional resources including National Programs, books, documentaries and history to inspire all Girls about women in Politics and Leadership.   Lean more

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